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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Technical Troubles Continue: Or, Down with "Techno-rotten"

Yes, I said the next part of the review for "The Magic Pencil" would be up today. And since "today" technically still has a few hours left in it, I might still get it posted in time--but I'm not counting on it.

I discovered too late I had a little difficulty getting screen captures from DVDs--using the old "alt-Print Screen" method, all I got was a black square. Don't ask me the technical reasons why--I don't understand them. All I know is that it doesn't work.

Fortunately, I was able to fix that problem by downloading the appropriate software--you might have noticed I added screen caps to yesterday's post to liven up the text a little. At least that's taken care of. However...

...would someone please tell me whose perverted idea Technorati was? I haven't gotten that to work since I started using it--"Techno-rotten" still thinks I haven't updated my blog in eight days. In other words, the date I changed the blog URL. As should be obvious to everyone, I have posted since then. "Technorati Support" is an oxymoron--I've written them twice telling them I can't ping them. All I get are canned responses saying if I don't hear from them in a week, I should get back to them. Well, it's been more than a week, fellas...

What do you want to bet this will be the one post Technorati does find--the one trashing them? Sounds like my kind of luck.

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