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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Orphan Toons 2.0

Those repeat visitors to the blog who have been perusing the older posts will no doubt notice a few changes.

When Kevin and I first started The Home For Orphan Toons back in October 2006, I didn't yet have the capability to add graphics to my reviews--that wouldn't happen for another few months, when I finally found a way to make screen captures. Later on, I discovered to my dismay that some of my earlier, pictureless reviews--like ROMEO IN RHYTHM--were getting a surprising number of hits. Since I want to make this blog visually attractive as well as informative, I'm remedying that situation: I've added images to the ROMEO IN RHYTHM review, and will do so with the other all-text reviews as time permits.

As for more current entries, patience. I have plenty of reviews forthcoming, such as a look at another great early Looney Tune, RIDE HIM, BOSKO. As always, stay "tooned"...


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