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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Orphan Toons On The Radio

You'd think I'd learn not to make promises I can't keep.

I'd intended to keep a steady stream of reviews going here (I always say I'm going to, anyway) but found myself exhausted with no time to do anything else--namely reading, my music, errands, eating, sleeping...well, you get the idea. So I took a bit of a "vacation."

I'm emerging from that now for an important announcement--to Kevin and me, at least. The Home For Orphan Toons is on the air, courtesy of our friend Bruce Rosenberger's KomicsKast podcast.

What began yesterday as a simple little discussion of the importance of toon preservation grew into a lively conversation on the merits of classic cartoons in general. Before any of us had realized it, we filled 74 minutes.

One thing I've learned from the experience: I'm not an on-air personality. Listening to myself expound on the history of animation was a bit like listening to Jimmy Stewart stumble through a poem during his frequent visits with Johnny Carson. Thank goodness for Bruce's masterful editing, or the program might have run a good deal longer. (Frankly I'm surprised we aren't just finishing up.) I finally chose--wisely, I think--to let Kevin and Bruce do most of the talking.

But if you can stand my stammering, kindly pay the site a visit, if for no other reason to finally put voices to the names of your friendly neighborhood orphan-toon hunters. And as always, keep watching those toons...

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