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Friday, July 11, 2008

We're Moving--Lock, Stock, and Bosko

When I wrote about making changes to The Home For Orphan Toons in this post, I hadn't yet planned to go quite this far.

My struggles with Blogger have been numerous over the past two years, but I patiently stuck with it, with the justification "better the devil you know..."

Well, the devil can go where he belongs, to "you-know-where." Kevin and I are moving on, to Wordpress and http://orphantoons.wordpress.com. (Note the lack of a hyphen in the new URL). This site will remain, both as a record of what we've done, and to help our few loyal readers find us.

A constant irritation for both Kevin and me for as long as we've been using Blogger is his inability to directly post and comment on the blog, which put a crimp in our ability to keep a steady discussion going of the rare cartoons we love. Well, no more. Wordpress allows Kevin full co-administrator privileges, meaning he now can post when the mood strikes, as I do. And from what I've seen of Wordpress so far, it looks a good deal easier to use. That'll certainly enable us to post more often, which I'm sure you readers will appreciate.

For those of you who subscribe via RSS feed, I'll have a brand-new feed up and running in the new location shortly. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is better for everybody concerned.

Bye, bye, Blogger. I wish I could say it's been fun.


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